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Life Coaching / Personal Coaching for Work and Personal Stress Management in Moulton, Northwich, Cheshire, near Chester, Crewe, Runcorn, Warrington and Manchester

Life Coach for personal, life, career, study, employment, relationship and stress management issues

Tranquil Spirit Life Coaching

Paul McGlone, BSc(Hons)Soc, DipCD, FETC, CertED, MTSH.Dip.(Hyp), HPD, Cert. NLP, Cert.PLR., SNHS Dip.(Life Coaching).

I am a qualified Life Coach / Personal Coach

  • Fee for exploratory meeting to discuss issues and set goals (up to two hours): £50

Moulton, Northwich, Cheshire, near Chester, Crewe, Runcorn, Warrington and Manchester, in the UK providing Life Coaching / Personal Coachingfor a wide range of areas including stressand stress managementin relation to workand personal / home life, helping you to move towards towards empowerment, self-confidence and a happier, more productive and satisfying life. I hold a Diploma in Life Coaching. We are within easy traveling distance of Altrincham, Sale, Lymm, Knutsford, Holmes Chapel, Sandbach, Nantwich, Tarporley, Tarvin, Wilmslowand other towns in the Cheshire , Staffordshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, and Lancashireareas.

Stress and Stress Management in Relation to Work and Personal / Home Life

General Possible Physical and Mental Symptoms / Indicators of Stress
Physical Symptoms/Indicators of Stress
Mental/Emotional Symptoms/Indicators of Stress

Lack of appetite
Craving for food when under pressure
Frequent indigestion or heartburn
Constipation or diarrhoea
Constant tiredness
Tendency to sweat for no good reason
Nervous twitches
Nail biting
Cramps and muscle spasms
Breathlessness without exertion
Fainting spells
Frequent crying or desire to cry
Impotency or frigidity
Inability to sit still without fidgeting
High blood pressure

Constant irritability with people
Feeling unable to cope
Lack of interest in life
Constant, or recurrent fear of disease
A feeling of being a failure
A feeling of being bad or of self-hatred
Difficulty in making decisions
A feeling of ugliness
Loss of interest in other people
Awareness of suppressed anger
Inability to show true feelings
A feeling of being the target of other people's animosity
Loss of sense of humour
Feeling of neglect
Dread of the future
A feeling of having failed as a person or parent
A feeling of having no one to confide in
Difficulty in concentrating
Inability to finish one task before rushing on to the next

It pays to identify stress early so that positive steps can be taken to manage it. If stress is prolonged and chronic it is known that, apart from the obvious mental and emotional distress that is caused, it can have detrimental effects on the physical systems of our body and which it is known can result in certain illnesses in particular.

List of Illnesses that Stress can Contribute Towards
Hypertension: high blood pressure
Coronary thrombosis: heart attack
Hay fever and allergies
Pruritus: intense itching
Peptic ulcers

Rheumatoid arthritis
Menstrual difficulties
Nervous dyspepsia: flatulence and indigestion
Hyperthyroidism: overactive thyroid gland
Diabetes mellitus
Skin disorders

Life Events Stress Factors

Apart from routine stress it is recognised that particular life events are stressful in themselves. Identify the stress factors that have affected you over the last twelve months in the following Life Events Stress Table and add up the score total. You will notice that both positive and negative changes can cause stress.

Life Event Score Life Event Score
Death of spouse/partner/lover
100 Divorce 73
Separation from spouse/partner/lover
63 Being sent to prison or similar 65
Death of close family member
63 Major personal illness or injury 53
Getting married
50 Being made redundant or being sacked 47
Reconciliation with spouse/partner/lover
45 Retirement from work 45
Major illness of a family member
44 Pregnancy 40
Sexual difficulties
39 Arrival of a new family member (birth, parent coming for long stay, adoption) 39
Major changes at work
38 Major change in financial status (up or down) 37
Death of close friend
36 Career change 36
Major increase in the number of arguments with spouse/partner/lover
35 Taking out a mortgage or heavy loan 31
Difficulty with mortgage repayments
30 Child leaving home 29
Trouble with in-laws
29 Outstanding personal success 28
Spouse/partner starting or leaving work
26 Starting/Stopping formal education 26
Major change in living conditions
25 Change in personal routine 24
Trouble with the boss
23 Moving home 20
Changing to a new school
20 Major change in leisure activities 19
Major change in community activities
19 Major change in social activities 18
Taking out a small loan
17 Major change in sleep patterns 16
Major change in frequency of family meetings
15 Major change in eating habits 15
Going on holiday
13 Minor law breaking (speeding fines,etc) 11
Based on research by S & K Burns.

Scoring the Life Events Stress Table:

  • 0 - 149: No particular problems.

  • 150 - 199: Mild Crisis Level

  • 200 - 299: Moderate Crisis Level

  • 300+: Major Crisis Level

According to the research our vulnerability to illness during the following 24 months increases from Mild Crisis Level onwards. A high score in the above is no reason to worry in itself. The impact of the scores is moderated by other factors such as personality, sources of support, positive approaches to dealing with stress, etc. However, it is reason to pause and take a look at the stress events in our life and how we are coping with them.

The start of the process of working together is an Initial Exploratory and Goal Setting Meeting. This may last up to 2 hours during which we will work together to compose a full picture of the impact of stress in your life. We will clarify the positive changes which are needed and identify all your positive resources and all the relevant factors which are hindering you from achieving change. We will together identify and prioritise your goals creating a strategy for you to achieve them and also identify ways of overcoming obstacles, hindrances etc, to empower you to achieve the changes which you are seeking. Subsequent 1 hour sessions will review and adapt the plan as necessary , facilitate implementation of the plan, promote the use of positive coping strategies and techniques and maintain the momentum of change. For full details of fees / costs and payment methods please click here

Life Coaching via Telephone or Skype

Life coaching is also available via telephone or Skype. Time may be pre-paid for in 30 mins blocks. Generally you would phone me at a pre-arranged time on my land line 01606 590 288 or mobile 07904162904 or via Skype. For full details of fees / costs and payment methods please click here

How Many Coaching Sessions Will I Need?

Life Coaching Costs / Fees

For full details of fees / costs and payment methods please click here

Contact Details

If you feel we may be able to help you through Life Coaching please do not hesitate to contact us. You can always telephone us for a chat without any obligation. You can phone us on 01606 590 288 or Mobile: 07904 162904 or please click here to send me a message using a Contact Form.

Our postal address is:

Paul McGlone
Tranquil Spirit,
11 Barnside Way,
CW9 8PT.

"Tranquil Spirit" is only 15 mins by car from Junction 18 (Holmes Chapel Junction) on the M6 .

We are 2.9 miles/7 mins by road from Winsford Railway Station 3.7 miles/10 mins by road from Hartford Railway Station both stations being on the Birmingham New Street to Liverpool Lime Streetline operated by London Midland. You can view a timetable by Clicking Here

We are 12 mins/4.6 miles by road from Northwich Railway Station and 10 mins/3.6 miles by road from Greenbank Railway Station both stations being on the Manchester Picadilly to Chesterline operated by Northern. You can view a timetable by Clicking Here

There are also regular bus services from the Northwich, Winsford, Crewe and Warrington directions.

We can provide fuller directions at the time of arranging a visit.

Home/Office Visits

If you do not live nearby and it would be difficult for you to travel to us it may still be possible for us to do a home visit if you live in the Cheshire, Merseyside or Greater Manchester areas. If you opt for this you will need to ensure the use of a room which will be relatively quiet and free from disturbance. Please contact me for further details.

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